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The CHOGAN company is a company that has positioned itself in the beauty and well-being sector. The company was founded in 2013 by Michelangelo Paradiso and Liborio Scelzo. It became a network marketing company in July 2015.  In 2018, the CHOGAN company had a turnover of 53,000,000 euros. 100 employees are spread across three production sites in Italy.

Chogan products

Chogan products are paraben-free, nickel-free, aluminum-free, dye-free, alcohol-free, allergen-free and not tested on animals🐀

Chogan official website

Chogan Group SpA - Official website - MLM - Network marketing - Multi Level Marketing - Networker - Network Marketing

You can register as a customer or “consultant” reseller with sponsor code ST50C3

chogan online store

The company Luxe parfumé was created by Anita and Stéphane VIAUD in August 2020, it is registered with the Nantes RCS under Siret number 39805200100045

Stéphane VIAUD’s sponsor code is: ST50C3

Chogan my account

After registering, you can access your chogan account

Chogan products

More than 5000 references in cosmetics, #makeup, perfumery, #household products, organic, paraben-free, nickel-free, aluminum-free, dye-free, HACCP... at unbeatable prices for those trying to align with our quality 🔥

Chogan perfume list

You can download the list of Chogan perfumes

Chogan catalog

You can access chogan's general catalogs

Chogan catalog 2021

Since 2013 the company has grown every year, you can discover the latest Chogan catalogs

Grasse perfume equivalence list

Please find HERE the perfume list that helps you choose your favorite perfume.

Where I find the perfume code

The perfume code is lightly engraved on the back of the bottle, the cardboard packaging of the perfume also contains the code.

In our example, the code 080 is engraved on the bottle:

Chogan perfume code


It is a company that manufactures fragrances for Chogan and major brands.

Perfume copy


A creation inspired by major brands

No counterfeiting

No copy

CHOGAN Parfums take their olfactory essences from the same place as the major brands which do not own these fragrances. This place is Fragworld in Grasse, with which CHOGAN has an exclusivity.

Vintage Chogan

Discover HERE the series of eternal perfumes produced by Chogan

Best perfume copy site

At Chogan there are no copied or counterfeit perfumes, but we talk about creating unique perfumes. You find the best site

Perfume of oily copy

Chogan's perfumes are of Grasse origin because they are composed of fragrances manufactured at Fragworld in Grasse. Here we do not find copies of perfume but real high quality perfume at a low price. You can save 70% on the price of perfumes by purchasing them .